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fanfiction has so many not so good writers on there - not like our little community here with you guys as the awesome OC writers - does anyone know any good 50 Shades of grey fanfic?

I love the story about Christian being adopted.


the new Ryan/Cohen - The blind side Movie

did u guys see the trailer for the new movie "the blind side" starting NOv 20...

it so reminds me of Ryan and the Cohens - I wish we could get a movie about them


Fifth OCSFC!

title:  Oops

sentence assignment (who you're writing for): For mel39,

Kirsten finds an opened letter in Ryan's room that worries and upsets her.

rating (if applicable): none

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Happy Birthday brassebouillon, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

The world is going down....

Sometimes Americans really scare me:

I wonder what she would say when her kids and parents die because of a suicide bomber or sth.

and sometimes I just have to laugh:

Story up for adoption

I am giving my story  " Everything changes" up for adoption. I have been trying to write the next chapter for so many weeks now, but I just cant. I dont have any ideas and I am just not able to come up with something believable and good.

Although I hate one shots, I am declaring this as one. Maybe I am lucky and someone else wants to pick up the story...
It can be totally changed.  I put everything I love into this story... Ryan lying to the Cohens, Ryan misbehaving (alcohol), hurt Ryan, disappointed and angry Cohens and so on, but I just cant come up with some nice discussions between them.

Thanks guys for the nice reviews and I am really sorry that I cant come up with more.

I would add a link of this story here, but I dont know how. ;-) (but its the only entry in my journal)

Mar. 7th, 2008

So this is my first fanfic. It is for Brandywines au challenge post.
It is prompt #64:
Kirsten never lost her baby and it turned out to be a girl submitted by brucasnaleyfan1

I want to thank fruitya  for her great beta. She made a lot of helpful comments. But I am not that smart and good in writing so I couldn't realize all of her good ideas. She said: "this revelation between Emma/her mom/Kirsten seems rushed" and I whole heartily agree. I just don't know how to make it better. So sorry if it seems I didn't appreciate your work and help. I truly did. I loved your comments. Thanx again.

So here we go:

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Japanese IQ Test

If you ever thought of getting a job in Japan, you better pass this IQ Test.


(download the .xls file)